Monday, January 5, 2009

Fresh, Local, Natural and Organic School!

Having a hard time believing it's true? Assume that your child's school cannot afford high quality, nutritious foods......think again. At Organic Fresh Fingers, we have many exciting ways to help you increase enrollment, cut your food costs AND provide high quality, natural, organic and local foods. CALL US TODAY TO FIND OUT HOW 503-371-1108.

Interested in how we can help your school or daycare create a zero waste lunch's what we do, let us help :o)

Confused about how to comply with and get reimbursed for food under the USDA Child and Adult Food Program or National School Lunch Program....let us manage the paperwork for you!

Tired of doing meal planning, shopping, cooking and serving all while trying to keep it healthy and cost effective? We can help! Let us handle the food while you get back to running your daycare or school.

CALL NOW and we will tell you how to get free breakfast at your school for a week!

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Anonymous said...

We love the convenience of serving Fresh Fingers, as our program has expanded we have been able to reduced shopping, meal preparation, and clean up times and increase the quality of the foods we serve. We serve about 55 meals per day to our infant, toddler and preschool age children.
I encourage everyone to compare the complete costs of food service in your program against Fresh Fingers reasonable rates; we appreciate the savings in our program.
Cheryl Weatherly- Family Building Blocks