Thursday, June 16, 2011

No More Chocolate Milk in LA Schools!

According to the LA Times, the LAUSD has decided to stop providing flavored milk in schools. We are very excited to see this change in such a large public school district. We don't provide any flavored milk to the schools we serve, and the myths about kids not drinking milk or eating lunch are just not true. There's no reason to continue serving our children milk that has as much sugar as a soda in it on a daily basis.

According to the paper:

"The L.A. Unified School District Board of Education on Tuesday voted to stop providing chocolate or strawberry-flavored milk in school cafeterias as of July 1.

The move makes L.A. the largest school system in the nation to pull flavored milks out of schools and is part of a larger push to make the food served at school more nutritious. L.A. Unified earlier banned sodas sales at schools.

The district's new superintendent, John Deasy, said plain milk is a healthier option. Parents and some activists have long wanted the district to stop serving flavored milk, which has more sugar than plain milk.

About 60% of the cartons of milk that kids consume each day are flavored, and some people are worried that without it kids won't eat school lunch at all. The district gets federal funding through reimbursements for meals served.

Eliminating flavored milk "is a big deal," said Megan Bomba, a project coordinator at Occidental College's Urban and Environmental Policy Institute and a school food reform advocate.

"If they succeed, no other district will have an excuse," she said Tuesday morning."

To read the full story, visit the Los Angeles Times website.

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