Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Extra $158 Million for Fresh Fruits & Veggies

Under the USDA's new guidelines for the National Lunch Program, schools are expected to increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables they serve. Recently, the USDA announced that it would be putting its money where its mouth is: The USDA will put $158 million into the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program this year that will go to schools across the country.

The FFVP program works to provide free fresh fruits and vegetables to school children throughout the day. In order to receive the funds from the state, schools must make certain each child receives between $50 - $75 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year. The USDA estimates that the FFVP program will be able to include an additional 600,000 - 950,000 children this year.

Oregon will receive $2,528,331 for the FFVP. The state will administer the program, distributing funds to schools that continue working to improve the health and nutrition of the foods they serve.

Organic Fresh Fingers' lunches always include a fresh, organic fruit and vegetable. We think it's wonderful that the government is stepping up to bridge the budget shortfall and help schools make a change for the better. To find out more about the program, see the USDA's press release.


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