Monday, March 7, 2011

A Student's Letter to the Editor

We loved this student's letter to the editor of her local newspaper. She talks frankly about school lunch and why she makes the choices she makes. We think she makes all the right points, and it's a great example of what is wrong with most schools' attitude toward offering healthy lunch.
"Why are healthy foods so much more expensive than junk food in my school and community?

Buying lunch at school can get really expensive. Schools tell us to exercise and eat healthy food, but they make it so hard. A fruit cup cost $3 but a piece of pizza only cost $2. So, when I go to buy my lunch, I can usually only afford one. I’m going to buy the pizza because it is more filling than a fruit cup and I won’t be hungry for the rest of the day. A salad or a sandwich can cost anywhere from $4 to $5 but, again, pizza only costs $2. If I buy my lunch, my mom usually gives me $4, so the healthy stuff is out of my price range.

Schools should change their prices if the average student can’t afford healthy food.

Another place where healthy food is too expensive is grocery stores. Fruits and vegetables are much more expensive than chips or soda.

Research done at the University of Washington shows junk food is less expensive than healthy food and the prices of these foods are less likely to go up.

Families with lower incomes can’t afford to buy expensive foods every time they buy groceries. Their children learn bad eating habits that will stick with them through adulthood.

Expensive food prices are the reason that the highest rates of obesity are seen among lower income groups. Prices of healthy foods need to change."

Carly McShane -

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